1.1 Personal particulars

Current position: Emeritus Professor

Person : Prof JJ Venter

First names: Johannes Jacob


Church: Gereformeerd

Telephone: +27 79 56 93 158

Electronic mail: ponti.venter@nwu.ac.za

Address: Postal: P O Box 20413, Noordbrug, 2522

Faculty: Faculty of Humanities

Department: School of Languages

Contract: Research fellow – casual basis


1.2 Career history

2009-2012 Emeritus professor on contract: Vaal Triangle Campus

2003-2009 Full professor; Senior researcher: North West University (Potch Campus).

1996-2002 Full professor – Head of Department; PU for CHE

1996-1999 Head of Department: PU for CHE

1988-1995 Associate Professor: PU for CHE

1985-1987 Senior Lecturer: PU for CHE

1979-1984 Senior Lecturer: Univ. of Fort Hare

1974-1974 Research Assistant: Free University, Amsterdam

1970-1978 Lecturer: PU for CHE

1968-1970 Junior Lecturer: PU for CHE

1967-1967 Teaching Assistant: PU for CHE



Name of High School: Piet Potgieter

Matric: 1963

Outstanding achievements: Distinctions in Latin and Afrikaans


2.2 Qualifications (after school)Year : Qualification Institution Discipline

1994 Honns-BA UNISA Economics

1985 General Management, NDP PU for CHE Management Science

1983 Economics III NDP UNISA Economics

1982 D. Phil PU for CHE Philosophy

1974 Drs Phil Free Univ. Amsterdam Philosophy

1972 MA PU for CHE Philosophy

1969 French III NDP PU for CHE Languages

1968 Italian Spec. NDP PU for CHE Languages

1968 Latin III NDP PU for CHE Languages

1966 German Spec. NDP PU for CHE Languages

1966 BA PU for CHE Philosophy/Class. Languages


2.3 Theses

Masters’ ThesisDie waarheidsprobleem in die ontologie van die Voor-Sokratici. (The problem of truth in the ontology of the Pre-Socratics).

Mini-dissertation for Drs. PhilDie taak van die universiteit (The task of the university – published in Dutch).

Doctor’s thesisGeloofsgebonde denke by Anselmus – ’n studie van sy wysgerige metode (Thinking within the bounds of faith in Anselm – a study of his philosophical method).

Inaugural address as full professorCaritas, scientia, sapientia – filosofie en universitêre wetenskapsbeleid (Philosophy and university science policy) (published in Afrikaans)



3.1 Tuition experienceYear : Discipline Institution

1968-1970 BA II, Ethics PU for CHE

1985-2000 Honns-BA. Gen. Methodol. PU for CHE

1988-2000 BA II, Hist. of Ideas PU for CHE

1974-1978 BA II, Medieval Philosophy PU for CHE

1979-1995 BA III, Modern Philosophy U Fort Hare/PU for CHE

1990-2000 BAIII, Hermeneutics PU for CHE

1998-2000 BA I, Intellectual Creativity PU for CHE

1979-1990 BA, III Logic PU for CHE

1979-1989 BA III, Phil. of Economics PU for CHE/U Fort Hare

1979-1984 BA III, Phil. of History Philosophy University of Fort Hare

1977-1984 B A Honns, Marxism and Neo-Marxism University of Fort Hare.

1990- 2005 BA III: Phil. Of Literature Philosophy PU for CHE

1974-1978 B. Phil. Phil. of Nature Philosophy PU for CHE

1985-1990 BA-Honns, Social Phil. Philosophy PU for CHE

1998-1999 BA III, Phil. of Psychology PU for CHE

1997-2000 BA-Honns, Postmodernism PU for CHE

1985-2010 BA I, Systematic Phil. & Post-Graduate PU for CH/NWU

1985-2010 B A and Post-Graduate Fundamental History of Culture NWU


3.2 Detail of masters and Ph.d studentsYear : Topic Area Institution Capacity

2009 M Phil Louw J A. Artificial intelligence. NWU Supervisor

2009 M Phil Kleinhans E. Ethics and the economy. NWU Supervisor

2005 MA Loubser, A. Environmental management. NWU Supervisor

2005 MA Hoogstad H. Narrative therapy. NWU Supervisor

2003 Ph D Coletto, R. Philosophy of Science. NWU Supervisor

2003 Ph D Simons, P. Philosophy of agric. technology) NWU Supervisor

2003 MA Kruger J P. Narrativity in science PU for CHE Supervisor

2001 MA Smuts, L. Chaos theory, PU for CHE Superrvisor

2001 MA Coletto, R. Systematic philosophy (Science) PU for CHE Supervisor

2000 Ph D Choi, YJ. Systematic philosophy (Culture), PU for CHE Supervisor

1999 MA Wuriga, R. History of Ideas/Hermeneutics, PU for CHE Supervisor

1996 MA Roets J. History of Ideas/Aesthetics PU for CHE Supervisor

1995 Ph D Burger WD Afrikaans literature, PU for CHE Co-Supervisor

1995 MA Dullaart J. Philosophy of Communication, PU for CHE Co-Supervisor

1992 MA Haarhoff LO Theory of Art/Photography, PU for CHE Co-Supervisor

1990 MA Pakendorff O German literature PU for CHE Asst Supervisor

1989 MA Lombard SE Marxism/Black Consciousness PU for CHE Supervisor

1987 MA Bruère EGJ. Philosophy of Managemement PU for CHE Supervisor


3.3 External examiner (in the case of PU for CHE, only for masters and Ph.D)Year :  Level Institution Type Area

1995-2002 MA RAU Papers History of Philosophy

1992 MA UOVS UOVS Thesis Bhuddist Philosophy

1997-2000 MA RAU Paper History of Philosophy

2000-2009 MA RAU/UJ Paper History of Philosophy


3.4 Involvement in departmental evaluations at other universities

Year : Discipline Institution Type of assessment

1996 Philosophy RAU Evaluate candidate for promotion to full professor

1990-2010 Many different assessments of research and teaching, both local and international.




4. 1 Worldviews: 8 articles 

4.2 Modernity: 5 articles and 2 books

4.3 Social thinking, social change, transformation, development, environment: 14 articles and 2 brochures

4.4 Philosophy of economics: 4 articles

4.5 History of philosophy and cultural foundations: 15 articles and/or brochures

4.6 Human dignity: 5 articles

4.7 Different aspects of the university’s functioning and value system: 19 articles and/or chapters in books

4.8 Methodology of science and scholarship: 19 articles

4.9 Translations of foundational classic essays from German, French, Greek, Latin, Italian: 12



5.1 Organisation: I have been involved in the organising of three local conferences.


5.2 Reading papers (mostly on the topics mentioned under 4)

5.2.1 at local conferences and offering colloquia: 25 papers read;

5.2.2 at international conferences: 36 papers read.


5.3 Countries visited in connection with profession:5.3.1 Africa: Zimbabwe (4 times); Malawi, Tanzania (twice), Zanzibar (twice), Kenya (4 times), Zambia (twice), Benin, Nigeria (twice), Uganda.

5.3.2 Western Europe: The Netherlands (studied there for four years and returned twice), Germany (four times), France (four times), Belgium (four times), Italy (three times), Poland (three times), Latvia, Gt Britain, Greece.

5.3.3 Mid-East: Turkey.

5.3.4 American continents: Canada (twice), United States, Mexico (twice).

5.3.5 Far East: Korea, India.



           Language                 Reading           Writing             Speaking

            Afrikaans                Excellent          Excellent           Excellent

             English                  Excellent           Excellent           Excellent

              Dutch                   Excellent           Excellent           Excellent

            German                 Very good          Mediocre          Mediocre

             French                  Very good          Mediocre          Mediocre

             Italian                       Fair                  Words              Words

     Classical Greek                Fair

             Latin                         Fair



7.1 Head of Department:7.1.1 1984: University of Fort Hare: acting for six months

7.1.1 1986: PU for CHE: Acting for six months

7.1.2 1989: PU for CHE: Acting for six months

7.1.3 1955-2000: Permanent head.

7.1.4 2000-2005: Disciplinary chair


7.2 Institutional level:7.2.2 Faculty Research Committee, PU for CHE and NWU: assessing funding applications and planning research: 6 years

7.2.2 Committee for Advanced Degrees: assessing proposals for Masters and Doctoral research, appointing supervisors and examiners: 10 years.

7.2.3 Senate: senate member for 7 years

7.2.3 Senate Committee for Values and Compulsory Philosophy: 10 years

7.2.4 Senate Committee for Institutional Plan during merger: 1 year.

7.2.5 Different other committees.



8. 1 Microsoft Word

Write the texts of my books in Word. Can also do some Powerpoint.


8.2 Design

At ease in the basics of Adobe In-design CS 5 – do my own page layout for books.

Basic capabilities in Corel Draw


8.3 Intention

Increase my capabilities in In-Design and Illustrator, in order to do animations for teaching purposes.

Master the latest version of Corel Draw in order to support publications. I have developed visual materials to teach abstractions, and would like to include these in books.

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